Artwork review

From art to peace: Banksy

Author: Bojana Nikolovska

Through his well-known sharp irony, Banksy successfully communicates messages of peace, anti-racism and anti-capitalism.

He is a “breath of fresh air” in a scene that does not give the right weight to peace-building art.

Banksy is one of the most famous modern street art artists. Although his identity is unknown, his works are famous all over the world for the strong messages they convey. Banksy’s works are made with the stencil technique. The artist, through sharp irony, wants to communicate messages of peace, anti-racism and anti-capitalism.

A famous painting that represents peace is the Flower Thrower. A rioter is shown throwing a bunch of flowers. The scene recalls the famous sentence used during the Vietnam War “put some flowers in your guns”. The passage from the throwing of a bomb to that of flowers thus becomes a symbol of peace.

The Soldiers painting peace is another work that represents the artist’s pacifist ideals. The painting portrays two soldiers who paint the peace symbol with red paint. It’s also a critique of the lack of freedom of speech and thought which is often repressed in countries at war.

Banksy is “a breath of fresh air” in a scene that does not give the right weight to these kinds of topics. More artists like him are needed, someone who would raise awareness of topics we often don’t have the courage to address. 

About the author:

Bojana Nikolovska

Age: 16

Country: North Macedonia

City: Skopje

School: Nikola Karev

Juror in Giffoni Macedonia: 2022 (host), 2021, 2019

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