EPYC Workshops


EPYC Workshops at Giffoni Macedonia 2023

The workshops attended by the jurors at the Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film festival are a precious opportunity to learn new skills and techniques for creative expression. Be that short film, animation, photography, digital design, painting, comics, acting, dance, music, creative writing or any other form of artistic expression. There is no better way to spread messages of peace than by artworks created for and by young people.


Painting Art

The art workshop for Juniors is a place where everyone can try out their creativity and learn something new about painting techniques and some secrets.

The workshop is led by

Monika Moteska,

an academic painter with numerous exhibitions and a long experience in working with children.


The music workshop is once again dedicated to film music. Participants will learn about the meaning of music in filmmaking and the interaction between music and film.

Lada Shoptrajanova Petrovska, violinist and writer, will guide the participants through the creation of a script and choreography for a musical performance inspired by film music.

Short film

The short film workshop is dedicated to the theory and the techniques of short films.

An exciting journey into the world of reality and imagination, through all the phases of the creation. There is no good film without good actors, so acting is also part of this workshop.

The short film workshop is led by

Predrag Vukosavljevic

from the Posavci film school from Serbia.



Photography is part of everyday life. But photography is also an art with many secrets.

The participants of the Photography Workshop will learn about the techniques and secrets of good art photography from Robert Jankuloski,

a professional photographer with many years of experience, professor of photography and researcher.

Digital design

The participants of this workshop will have the chance to learn how to communicate visually, and how to use the free Canva platform to create posts for social networks and manifests with socially engaged messages. In addition, the workshop will encourage individual and team work, as well as critical thinking.

The workshop is led by

Ladislav Cvetkovski,

professor of graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Video News Editorial

The young participants of this workshop will learn how to make video clips, articles and interviews and ensemble them into a daily video report of the activities of the festival, like a real editorial board.

The workshop is led by a former Jifoner, current filmmaker

and content creator,

Martin Cichovski.


The comic workshop is conceived as a space for the creative expression of young talents, with an emphasis on visualizing their ideas, from fantasy to superheroes. The workshop will teach the entire process of creating a comic, from concept and script to sketching, drawing and finishing techniques. The workshop is led by comics authors

Zdravko Girov &

Davor Dramikjanin

from the association "MAKSTRIPOVI" from Skopje.

One-take video

The participants of the

One-take video workshop

will learn how to make a scenario and choreography for

an entertaining video clip to be filmed in a single take, and will record it all by themselves.

The workshop is led by directors

Kiril Karakash &

Svetislav Podleshanov.

One-minute video

The one-minute films are a specific form of the short film. This workshop introduces

the participants with the basics of the one-minute format and the possibilities it

offers. Getting familiar with several narrative structures that fit nicely in this format,

the participants will be directed toward an independent work on their own one-min- ute films.

The mentor of the One minute film workshop is

Filip lafazanovski.