What is the key to hapiness?

Author: Petra Vatavuk

Nowadays people, especially children suffer from depression, anxiety or from something completely different. My solution may sound strange now, but I think movies are the best way for children to get through their difficult phase. You might be wondering why? Just keep reading and maybe you'il agree with me.

When it comes to movies, children's first thought is boredom, a waste of time because TikTok has replaced the film, which is very sad. They don't know how much power movies actually hold, because through film, children can grow up and meet the world they live in. Films show us that the world is not a great place, that there is no shame in seeking help, that there are good and bad people, that you never know what life holds… They show us a reality that people do not want to show. We can all agree that people have changed a lot, they do not know how to show love and feelings as before, because it is a shame today. But it's never too late to show it to children through movies, as much as there are old movies that show us true love, but also humanity, take for example the film „La vita e' bella“. Life is really short, quite a few kids lose their will every day for things they love very much.

Parents need to know that through movies they can bring their child back to a life of happiness and hope. Children learn through film, they  develop their vocabulary and also learn by standing up for themselves and their friends. What's the key to everything then? It's very simple, the key to everything is us.  We are the ones who have to show children movies and their messages, and we also have to show them how many great festivals there are where children can feel at home. Films unfortunately lose their great value day by day, and so do children lose themselves in this world full of technology. So let's show them that technology is not only associated with games, all kinds of applications, but that it is associated with something much bigger.


Tu sum up, I can tell that movies have the power to reach children on multiple levels. We must remember that we are the key to everything, that children learn through us.  So why not show them the bright side, the good one? Are you with me?

About the author:

Petra Vatavuk

Age: 17

Country: Croatia

City: Sibenik


Juror in Giffoni Macedonia: 2023

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