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Petra Vatavuk – The key to happiness

Nowadays people, especially children suffer from depression, anxiety or from something completely different. My solution may sound strange now, but I think movies are the best way for children to get through their difficult phase.. You might be wondering why? Just keep reading and maybe you’il agree with me.

Petra Vatavuk – The power of films

Films have a remarkable influence on the way we perceive the world. By presenting narratives and characters that resonate with us, films can shape our beliefs, values, and attitudes. They offer a mirror through which we can reflect on our own lives and society as a whole. Films have the potential to inspire audiences and motivate them to take action.

Mia Nikolovska: The art of listening

Listening is a way of understanding the art behind the spoken words, it’s not just the act of hearing those words. The art of listening is creating an environment in which the other person feels understood. People don’t want you to hear the word, they want you to feel it completely. People want to feel heard, they want to feel seen, they want to feel understood.

Bojana Nikolovska – From art to peace: Banksy

Through his well-known sharp irony, Banksy successfully communicates messages of peace, anti-racism and anti-capitalism. He is a “breath of fresh air” in a scene that does not give the right weight to peace-building art. Let's take a look at two of his most famous murals, the "Flower thrower" and "Soldiers painting peace".

Stefan Mitikj – The healing power of art

In the wake of recent events like the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, various civil wars and natural disasters, as well as tensions between the US and China, there has been more than ever a need for the arts, including cinema, to address the topic of peace – its importance, and its vitality to providing stability to the hectic world of the 21st century.