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Bisera Gjurovska: You start with a story – Part 3

Thie last part of the blog post series is dedicated to editing. This topic is likely to be less familiar to young people, who might have some knowledge of acting, music or camera work, but have not been faced with editing in their day to day lives. The post also shares some information and links to editing software and other useful how-to resorces.

Bisera Gjurovska: You start with a story – Part 2

All film projects require several different roles, such as writer, director, producer, actors, cameramen, video editors, sound and light technicians. You may also be able to afford make-up and costume designers, lighting and recording specialists, special effects and many more. This blog post focuses on the essential roles in low-budget films.

Bisera Gjurovska: You start with a story – Part 1

Filmmaking takes a lot of time, and it shouldn't just be based on an idea, but on the development of that idea, on a story. You should start with a story. This is the first advise that we can collect from this blog post and from the first part of the interview with Leona. Read the rest of it for useful hints for young filmmakers and beginners.

Bisera Gjurovska: You start with a story – Intro

In 2021 Bisera Gjurovska interviewed Leona Jarikj, at the time an up-and-coming young Macedonian filmmaker, as well as the rest of the crew engaged in one of the first Leona’s short films, called “Jinx.” This Blog post and the three posts following this intro, are all about how to make your first film, according to a young filmmaker.